Seed Starter Kit: How To Use Seed Starting Kits for Germination?

When you try to germinate seeds yourself, the problems often appear. Could seed starter kits help you? Let's see what this gardening tools are and how they work. In this article you will find out how to find the best germination set and how to use it correctly. Then, you will be able to grow either vegetable seeds or decorative flowers yourself, at home.

What is a seed starter kit?

The seed sprouter kits feature the following set of the seed starting supplies:

  • the waterproof tray where you place the pots,
  • the set of peat pots, which fit into the tray,
  • the transparent plastic cover, which helps to maintain the humidity,
  • the seedling heat mat, which helps to provide warmth required for seed germination.

Some of the professional sprouter sets offer the grow lights, ventilation control, self watering, temperature regulation or seed packets as well.

How does seed starter kit help?

Seed starting kits can provide optimal conditions for the plant germination process. They minimize the amount of micromanagement required to grow healthy seedlings.

  • Waterproof tray makes watering easy, as you can just add water to the set and avoid handling each pot separately.
  • The heat mat warms the seeds and provides optimal temperature for fast germination and growth.
  • The seed bio dome maintains heat and moisture while the small vents in the cover allow for air circulation.
  • The peat pellets protect the fragile sprouts from damage when you are transplanting them to the larger pots or into your vegetable garden.

When to use seed starter kit?

Most of the common problems with starting seeds can be resolved with DIY measures. However, to fix issues related to the low soil temperatures you need to use the seedling heat mat with a thermostat. For the similar price you can find the seed starting kit, so it makes sense to grab one when you need the heat mat anyway.

When you wish to speed up the seed germination or simplify the starting of plants, consider the purchase as well.

Finally, if you grow sprouts such as flax or wheat-grass at home or root the plant cuttings often, get the good sprouter kit.

How to use seed starting kit?

To find out step by step instructions for seed germination, follow this guide to starting vegetable seeds indoors. This procedure works for sprouting other plants as well. Here are some seed starting tips, which are specific to the use of growing kits.

  • Are you going to start various species of plants at once? You will experience the premium results, when all the seedlings have optimal conditions for their current growth phase. Yet, different types of seeds sprout and grow with different speeds. Therefore, grow them in the separate germination kits.
  • Is your set missing vents for the air circulation? As soon as you can see the sprouts, place something between the cover and the plant tray. A good access of a fresh air protects your seedlings from diseases.
  • Do you have the seed starter greenhouse? Then, you can skip a humidity dome, as the plastic greenhouse walls keep the moisture inside.

Where to get seed starting kit?

The seedling heat mat is the only part of a set, which should never be replaced with any DIY stuff. A few gardeners like to reuse plastic food containers, random pots and transparent pots to create their own germination kits.

Others like to buy all the parts of a kit separately. That approach requires more effort, but allows you to find the best quality inexpensively. Make sure to check consumer reviews and compare prices, when you collect seed starting supplies.

Buying the complete set is the easiest option. You can choose from seed starting kits made by Burpee, Hydrofarm, Jiffy and many others. Check in your local gardening center.

When you decide to shop online, choose the shop which offers customer ratings and a free shipping. Try this popular Germination Station with Heat Mat from Amazon.