Creative Garden Container Ideas

What can you use as a garden container for growing plants? The pots can be decorative, but to create a unique composition use something unexpected to design your container vegetable garden. Here are some ideas to start your creative juices flowing:

Old wheelbarrow garden container

garden container idea: wheelbarrow

Photo 1. When your old wheelbarrow breaks down, use it as a creative garden container! Plant the flowers, herbs and veggies inside this gardening tool to design the unique garden decoration.

Place the wheelbarrow near the wall for the best look. Add a few plants with hanging stems to add dynamism to your composition and to mask any ugly spots.

Old boat garden container

garden container idea: boat

Photo 2. This boat is too old for fishing. However, you can use the damaged boat with holes as a creative garden container.

Notice how the weathered planks enhance the rustic style of this composition.

Creative garden container: toilet

garden container idea: toilet

Photo 3. Clever pub owner receives more tips with this humorous toilet accent greeting his customers.

If you want more extreme design, try container vegetable gardening in these pots. Eat veggies straight from the toilet!

Wooden container in shape of well

garden container idea: well

Photo 4. You can try another creative container idea as well. Instead of looking for the unique objects, use simple materials such as bricks, cans or wooden planks to build an unusual container.

See how this clever gardener designed the cool well-shaped container from the wooden branches.

What can you do if you have no wheelbarrow, or boat, or toilet to spare? Use whatever stuff you can find. Next time you consider throwing away an old item, check if it kind of, somehow, remotely looks like... a container.

I have seen creative gardeners use a cart, chimney, pipe parts, even old shoes for their container gardens. As long as you can provide the water drainage, you may consider the item for a composition.

Now look around your home and try to come up with even more container gardening ideas!

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