Watering Tomato Plants Using Plastic Bottles in the Ground

How can you make a simple DIY tomato watering system? I'll show you how to proceed. To get started, all you need are plastic bottles, drill and a sharp knife.

How to prepare bottles for watering?

plastic bottles self watering system

  • You need a plastic bottle, drill and a sharp knife to proceed
  • Drill a few holes in the bottle's cap. Make sure they are not to small, or they may get clogged with the soil.
  • With a sharp knife cut off the bottom of the bottle.
  • How to put bottles in the soil?

    To hide bottles from sight, place them between the tomato plants, about 2 feet from each other. Dig holes in the ground and put bottles in them, upside down. Make sure that 1/3 to 1/2 of the bottle is in the soil. Push the soil around bottles to make sure they are stable. That's it, now you are ready to water.

    How to water tomatoes using bottles?

    Fill the bottles with water. When they are almost empty, it's time to refill. How long does a full bottle last? During a drought, only 1-2 days. About a week when the weather is cooler and rainy.

    Once in a few weeks, add some fertilizer to the bottles.

    Can you water containers with bottles?

    You can't use this watering system with upside down tomato planters and small pots. However, it works well with big containers. Just make sure the bottle is stable in the soil. Remember that plants you grow in containers need more frequent irrigation.

    Filling up every bottle can get tedious. However, using self watering system for irrigation of tomato plants has a benefit. The water has no contact with leaves, so the blight is less probable.

    This method of watering tomato plants is popular with kids, as they love to "help" with refilling bottles. Just watch out for the little ones getting all wet in the process.

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