Upside Down Tomato Garden: Top 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid?


Upside down tomato gardens are all the rage now. Many people think that starting them is as simple as planting and hanging the containers. Yet if you do it wrong, not only your plants end up broken or weak, but you can hurt yourself! Let's see what are the common mistakes and how you can avoid them.

5. Choosing the wrong tomato variety to grow

If you choose the large, fast growing type of tomatoes, you will have problems. The plants have a limited amount of soil in the container and will suffer because of the lack of nutrients. For best results choose smaller varieties that grow well in containers.

4. Filling the container with garden soil

Your tomato plant will need a lot of nutrients and standard soil can't provide them. So, mix in the compost or use enriched soil. This makes a difference in the amount of tomatoes to harvest.

3. Hanging the container immediately after planting the seedling

If you hang the plant upside down before it has a chance to root, it can fall out from the container. Then you have to start from scratch again. To avoid this problem leave the planted container in normal position for a week, so that the plant can establish the roots in the soil.

2. Underestimating the weight of the container

  • Pick a strong hook and attach it well to the wall or ceiling. If it's too weak, the bucket can fall down on the stormy day. You will end up with a broken plant and a mess to clean up.
  • Ask for help when hanging the container. If that's not possible, at least make sure that you never lift the container over your head. You can get seriously injured if it falls on you.
  • Build your upside down tomato garden in the place where people will never walk under the containers, just in case. Trust me, Murphy's Law never sleeps.
  • 1. Underwatering upside down tomatoes

    If you have grown the tomatoes in the ground, you think you know how much water they require. But they need more than that. Why? Containers dry faster so you have to water more frequently. Yes, that means every day during a hot summer. You achieve best results when you manage to keep the soil slightly moist all the time. Check up the containers often and water immediately if they're dry.

    Remember: Choose the small variety, enrich the soil, let the tomatoes develop roots before hanging the containers, use the strong hook in a safe spot, water frequently. Follow these tips and you will enjoy safe and thriving upside down tomato garden.

    IMAGE CREDIT: National Garden Clubs, "Happy Topsy-Turvey Tomatoes", CC BY-ND.