Choosing Tomato Watering System? What You Must Know Before You Buy

Planning to buy tomato watering system? Before you go shopping discover the common watering mistake that can kill tomato plants. Do you really need automatic system in your vegetable garden? Find out what you must look for to avoid problems with your new tool - if you get one.

Do you need tomato watering system?

Amount of water your tomato plants need depends on weather, air humidity, type of soil. It changes often. You can't get it right when you follow a strict recipe or use automatic system.

Consider manual watering with hose if your tomato patch is small. Or set up the DIY watering system using bottles. This way you can observe the plants and water accordingly to their condition. For best results be flexible, adapt to the situation.

Automatic systems help when you have a lot of tomato plants and manual watering would take too much time. You need them temporarily when going away for a while and leaving your garden unattended.

Avoid choosing the wrong type of watering system!

Did you decide to automate your watering tasks? Some systems do help. However most people make a basic mistake when choosing a tomato watering system. What mistake? They buy sprinklers! Easy to set up, great for watering lawn, they seem to be a decent tool.

But they are not. Why? Tomatoes being wet are more susceptible to fungal diseases. You can't control the rain and it's good for your plants anyway. If you have problems with tomato diseases you may not realize your watering habits have played a part.

Avoid overhead watering - no sprinklers there. And watering close to roots help to save water as well because it doesn't go where it's not needed.

Do you still want one? The type that works best for tomatoes is a drip watering system.

What to look for when buying a tomato watering system?

  • Make sure it doesn't use a lot of energy. You will cut down your expenses and reduse your carbon footprint.
  • Check the customer reviews to find out if the system is reliable.
  • Get the system you can use for the garden, they are often constructed differently to those built for watering indoor plants.
  • Even the best system can malfunction, so get one that has a long guarantee period.
  • Make sure that the place where it can be fixed is not far from you, or that you can find spare parts.
  • Get the drip watering system that is easy to assemble.

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