7 Signs of Over Watering Plants

over watering plants picture

Many gardeners believe that the more water they pour, the better they care for their plants. This is a dangerous misconception, as over watering can kill your plants. House plants are especially at risk. How can you tell if you water too much? Check for these warning symptoms.

  • Roots are stunted or rotting. When the soil is soaked, roots can't get enough oxygen and start to die.
  • Plant is wilting. Is this not the sign of the lack of water? Yes, the plant is wilting because it can't absorb moisture with dying roots. When you see this symptom, check how wet the soil is to know if the plant has too much or not enough water.
  • Plant has stopped growing, because it can't get moisture or nutrients from soil.
  • Yellow leaves show up. This process starts from the bottom of the plant.
  • Gray mould appears on the plant. Fungi like moisture and use this oportunity to attack the plant.
  • Soil seems to be green. This means that the algae are growing on the surface of the soil. They are harmless, but always indicate over watering.
  • Stem is soft and mushy - that means it has started to rot.
  • How can you help over watered plants?

  • First of all, start to water correctly.
  • Is the plant in the container? If so, remove it, cut off the damaged parts of the roots and repot in the fresh soil.
  • Does the mould start to disappear after a few days? If not, you will have to apply the fungicide.
  • Is the stem rotting? I'm afraid that it is too late to save the annual plant. If it's the perennial one, you still have one option. Cut off the healthy parts and plant them to get the new, fine plants.
  • Go and check your plants for the signs of over watering. If you notice any, fix the problem before the permanent damage occurs. Now discover more gardening tips - your plants will thank you!

    Photo credit: MITCHELL, "Fifty Six", CC-AT.