Planting Potatoes With Straw Mulch Method

Do you want to avoid digging and grow the well-shaped tubers? Try planting potatoes with straw mulch method. These tips will show you how.

Choose best tubers for cultivation

For best results, pick a healthy looking tubers to plant. If you don't have any left from last year, buy seed potatoes certified as free of disease from the local nursery, online shop or plant catalogue.

Avoid tubers you have bought in the grocery, as they are often contaminated with disease and treated with substances that stop germination.

Prepare soil for planting potatoes in straw

Potatoes require a full sun, so choose an appropriate area for your vegetable patch. Soil should be slightly acidic (check with the soil test kit) and well drained. Work some compost or cured manure into the soil, developing tubers need this nutrition. Rich, loose soil is essential when using this technique!

Plant potatoes in straw mulch

Cut every potato in a few pieces so that each one contains 1-2 eyes. Let them heal for a few days. Spread the pieces on the ground and cover them with the loose, 6'' deep layer of the straw mulch. You can use dried leaves as well.

Cultivaton is simple. If any weeds manage to get through the mulch - remove them. Add to the layer when it starts to rot and gets thinner.

This technique helps to keep steady temperature and retain moisture. You grow the well-shaped tubers you can show off. If you are planting potatoes this year, try the straw mulch method.

Do you prefer the traditional approach to growing potatoes? Check our potato planting guide to get started!