Book Review: Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits & Vegetables by Mike and Nancy Bubel

root cellaring natural cold storage book

Root cellaring is and old practice of preserving delicate fruits and vegetables. Earth's natural cool, stable temperature makes the root cellar a good cold storage place. Cellars are cheap, easy, low-tech way of keeping fruits and veggies fresh for a long time, saving more nutrients than other preservation techniques. Bubels give us a detailed, precize tips on vegetable and fruit storage. Book is based on the research and hand-on experience of the authors. It covers a few subjects:

Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage Book Summary

  • How to chose fruits and vegetable varietes that will be easy to store? Start planning for cellaring as soon as you plant your crops.
  • When to plant and how to determine best moment to harvest insuring best crop quality and longest possible storage period?
  • How to correctly store almost 100 kinds of fruits and vegetables? Information on best storage temperature, air circulation and humidity for each crop. Which products should not be stored together?
  • How to store crops if you don't have a root cellar? Adapt available nooks and corners for crop storage. Garages, window baskets, buried boxes. Everyone will find some suggestions on adapting available spaces for better fruit and veggie storage.
  • How to buid and maintain your own root cellar. Detailed guides, plans, photographs and diagrams for any situation.
  • Experiences of people having different types of root cellars. What works for them?
  • Recipes.
  • Bibliography for further reading, index and list of plant sources.

Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage Book Pros:

This book will show you how to properly store fruits and vegetables, preserving their nutritional value. You will learn how to avoid mistakes and prolong longevity of your harvest. No more throwing away spoiled crops! Enjoy fresh veggies and fruits all winter long. Even if you don't have root cellar, there are many tips for improving your storage using available space. Book contains a lot of precize, valuable advice. It is particularily useful if you want to store bigger amount of crops and be self-sufficient. It covers everything there is to know about veggie and fruit storage. You won't need to read anything else on the subject, here is all required knowledge in one book.

Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage Book Cons:

If you neither have a root cellar nor plan to build one, many of the tips won't be useful to you. Most of the guides are for northern areas. You may find problems with applying tips for wet, warm winters in South or Southwest areas.

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